Elfi Addons list

When you edit with ‘Elementor’ please find the search elf or scroll down, you will see the addon below.


Now you will see the Two Addon

  1. Elfi Filter Masonry
  2. Elfi Gallery Masonry


1). Elfi Filter Masonry: #

This addon works based on the post type, which means that when you add this addon it will ask for the post type name and category name. Feature images, the content will come from the post type. Suppose you choose a post type name: Posts, then all the content and images will come from the post, for this, there must be a post in the posts. It has filter buttons so it is called filter masonry

2). Elfi Gallery Masonry: #

This addon works manually, which means you add images and content from the elementor when you add this addon. No need to rely on posts



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