Elfi Gallery Masonry:

This addon works manually, which means you add images and content from the elementor when you add this addon. No need to rely on posts


ELFI Gallery Masonry: #


in the content tab, you will see the two-section

1. Gallery List

2.Item Style

Elfi Galley Settings: #

This is a repeater field, when you click the field you will see the below



  1.  Choose an image: click and choose an image for the Gallery
  2.  Popup Content: (Dropdown option), what content you want to see as a popup: image, video, Raw HTML, Shortcode
  3.  Choose a Popup icon
  4. enable  link: Want to activate a link for the item
  5. Link Icon: choose a Link icon for the above link
  6. Preview Link for Card design:  This option is applicable for Item Style: Card One


item style: #
  1. item style: (dropdown option) Choose the item design
  2. Column Setting: Choose the items per Colum



This is the color and typography settings for the item

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