Query Settings (Filter Masonry)

Elfi Query Settings #


1. Post Type Name: Click on the dropdown and select the post type of the post type items you want to display

  • Elfi Masonry
  • Products ( WooCommerce )
  • Post.
  • Custom Post type

2. Types of sorting:: From this settings option, you will display items by category or without category.

a) Categories:  Please see the image below, the image on the left is query settings. Items will be displayed based on categories. This means that when you select a post type, it must have a Taxonomy/Category.
Selecting the Categories will show the filter button,

b) Posts:  Items appear without categories. This means that when you select a post type, it is not mandatory to have a Taxonomy/category.
Selecting a Post will not show the filter button, view the demo




2. Category:  Select the category based on the type of post. It has multiple selection options. Choose from the dropdown and select one by one.

  • if select Custom Post type: If you select a custom post type, then need to choose the taxonomy for that post type. Suppose the custom post type name “Motorbike”, (please look at the below image), then you see the Taxonomy Name field, choose the taxonomy for “Motorbike” and now the select categories(multi-select) for category_bike



3. Exclude: Exclude Post (item) based on category. What is Exclude? If you want to delete an item, select it from the dropdown, you can delete multiple items

4. Column Settings: How many columns do you want to use in each row. Choose from Dropdown Button, you will use one option from below three options

  1. Two Colum
  2. Three Column
  3. Four Column

5. Item Style: Here are 10 designs, you can choose anyone and select. please see the demo for all  styles Click here

6. Posts Per Page: Enter the number of items you want to see from the selected categories, numeric value, if you want to see all the items then type -1.

7. Order By:  It is another Dropdown button, Choose one from the dropdown

  1. Post ID -Order by post id
  2. Title – Order by title
  3. Date -Order by date
  4. Menu Order -Order by Page Order
  5. Random -Random order.
  6. Last Modified -Order by last modified date.
  7. None -No order

See More WordPress.org

8 Order: Dropdown button, Choose one from below two options

  1. Ascending  -ascending order from lowest to highest values
  2. Descending – descending order from highest to lowest values

9. Hide Category Text from Item: Click Swtchier Button if you want to exclude Category text from the item

10. show full title Of the Item: If you want to see the full title of the item, click this Swtchier button.


WooCommerce Query Options #


if Post Post is WooCommerce: You’ll see more options in the Query Settings section when choosing the post type of “WooCommece”

Use icon instead of Cart text? : By clicking this button, users can use icons instead of cart text

Change Add to Cart Text:  Change Add to Cart Text(if not click above Swtchier button)

Change Select Option Text? : Change Select option Text (For Variable Product)


When Select  Style – Card one & Card Two #


if item style choose card one or card two ( see 5. Item Style)

a). Excerpt Option:  Click the Switcher button for hiding the Excerpt.

b). Excerpt Length: Choose Excerpt length default-200 and Step 10 (if not click the above switching button )

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