Shortcode- Query Settings

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Query Settings #


screenshot of shortcode query setting page




1.Item Style: Dropdown- Here are 10 designs, you can choose anyone and select. please see the demo for all  styles Click here

2.Free Style Animation: Here are 5 animations, you can choose and choose from.

2.Column Settings: How many columns you want to use in each row. Choose from Dropdown Button, you will use one option from below three options

  1. Two Colum
  2. Three Column
  3. Four Column


3.Posts Per Page: Enter the number of items you want to see from the selected categories, numeric value, if you want to see all the items then type -1.

4. Order By:  It is another Dropdown button, Choose one from the dropdown

  1. Post ID -Order by post id
  2. Title – Order by title
  3. Date -Order by date
  4. Menu Order -Order by Page Order
  5. Random -Random order.
  6. Last Modified -Order by last modified date.
  7. None -No order

See More

8 Order: Dropdown button, Choose one from below two options

  1. Ascending  -ascending order from lowest to highest values
  2. Descending – descending order from highest to lowest values


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