Plugin Installation & Elfi Setting

To use this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. If you need help in installing WordPress follow the instruction here:

Plugin Installation #

Please follow the screenshots below to install the plugin


Folder Structure #


Inside the Elfi masonry addon  folder, you will find two folders and a documentation file Please Have a look at the Screenshot


  1. Extra: This is  Demo data for Elfi masonry single template
  2. Plugin: The Main file of  Elfi Masonry Addon, Click and find a zip file
  3. Documentation:   This is the Documentation link Page

Elfi Setting #

[] Install the plugin and activate

[]After activating the plugin you will find the “Elfi Masonry” menu in the admin menu

[]If you want to create a portfolio filter, create Elfi Items from the menu of “Add New Elfi Items”, Create Category from Elfi Categories, and Add it elfi single items.


Elementor Addon: #

Elementor user – , you will find “ELFI Masonry” in elementor edit section


elementor filter


ElFI Shortcode Setting Page: #

Go to “Elf Masonry” and you’ll find the settings,


elfi shortcode setting


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